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1. The official calendar will be exhausted, and the village mash will be strong and self-dumping. Hate cold and think warm, fear old and cherish the disabled. Years have passed, and KouRong is still not flat. Children don't know what to do, and the song blows until dawn.

2. Ten books still lie, such as flowing and moving. Looking at the family and offering a birthday is a long-term hatred. Cold is passed down from the virtual, and the lonely lamp is absolutely made up. Who should ask the poor, cry more.

3. At the age of yin and poverty, offer a festival to start a new fragrance. Winter is promoted today, and the year will grow tomorrow. Ice sells out the water, and plum diffuses into the wind. Have a feast for this, and pour out the pot for dawn.

4. Congratulations on making a fortune in the prosperous New Year, wishing beauty in your heart, great love in your heart, rejoicing in the New Year for every family, welcoming a new image in the New Year, and being busy in the New Year at the end of the year. Please invite the moon fairy to enjoy the cold, and enjoy living in the world.

5. The sky is full of eyebrows and the world is full of trees and flowers. The city is gorgeous, and the road is from Qingjia. At night, the red waves are discharged, and the spring is filled with splendor. The colors are strewn at random, and the brilliance is mixed. You Xing and who took advantage of it, returned to Douxie.

6. The sound of firecrackers never sleeps, and every family celebrates reunion. Being a stranger in a foreign land makes fireworks cry in my heart. The curtain of tears shakes the shadow of a lonely lamp, and I hope to share the whip in the coming year.

7. Sticking the Spring Festival couplets will celebrate the New Year, and no one can suspect that the words are good and ugly. Anyway, the meaning is almost the same. Bless and wish to make money. It is better to get over it than to do well.

8. Half-life is buried in the ravine, and everything goes halal. Cook snow to eliminate the residual night, push the window to see early spring. Have to teach eyes wide, never tire of being poor. Sit and dial the embers in the furnace, and the red wheel is specially new.

9. Talented women boast in unison, and thousands of literary works are distributed. Heaven and earth are in harmony, and the train of thought is rosy clouds. Every word shines with golden light, and every word overflows with Xinhua. New atmosphere in the Year of the Ox, talented women add beautiful paintings.

10. One-third of a hundred years old, with a generous heart. An empty sac is hard to avoid a knot, and a green mirror never leaves a year. Read the infinite world quietly, and watch it leisurely. The day after, four drums didn't sleep.

11. The domain used to be a good family, but it was perfect to know each other. After dark, the red candles are drawn up, waiting for the feast of shou sui, the next of friends. During the banquet, the singing girls sang " the plum blossom" old music, everyone drank the new steamed Bai wine, push cup exchange, occasionally will have the game of drinker's betting. The author is now wandering around and enjoying the past, a year and a year of the past.

12. Sunday rotation at the end of the year, enterprising bright future. I respectfully invite all parties to come to Fulu, and congratulate you on the Four Seasons Fortune Transportation. The weather is better in the Spring Festival, and the journey is the windiest after the age of six. Fast-paced career is prosperous, and Lohas is calm when he is 100 years old.

13. Take time off to see if spring is coming back. Pepper dish rolls red, cypress wine overflows golden cup. The leftover wax is more exhausted, and the dawn of the New Year is a reminder. What's the first thing? Only Houyuanmei.

14. Fighting back to the north last night, starting from the east at the age of today; I'm strong now, and I'm still worried about agriculture. Sang Ye ploughs his father, and he hoes with the shepherd boy; The farmers predicted this year's harvest, saying that this year was a good year.

15. What's the evening? A foreign country says hometown. Look at people's children as big as their guests. The military has no rest, but the mountain is slim. A glass of cypress leaf wine has lost a thousand lines of tears.

16. new Year only deepens my longing, adds to the lonely tears of an exile. To the old age is exiled to the people, the spring is hurried on ahead of me. The apes and me in the mountains fainted, and the willows and willows in the river were divided into sorrow. I have suffered like the imperial guardian, so when will the day be taken?

17. The New Year should be fun, and the neighbors are really uncomfortable; The prostitute married and took the right path, and the son started to buy downstairs; His wife works for another pursuit, and his children advise him not to look back; The whole family is competing for freedom, and the family is lonely and an old man.

18. Sitting upright is tasteless, thinking about who is next door. A few stars are burning late at night, a stranger. The wild goose is snowing slightly, and the wind makes the tree want to spring. Sad chapter since sad, unknowingly bitter songs frequency.

19. What's the evening? A foreign country says hometown. Look at people's children as big as their guests. The military has no rest, but the mountain is slim. A cup of pepper leaf wine, lost to tears.

20. Gan Kun is empty, and the years go to the open; The end of the road is full of wind and rain, while the poor are full of snow and frost. Life will be exhausted with the years, and the body will be forgotten; There is no way to kill Su Meng, but night is still young.

21. See the New Year on the river and listen to the spring rain. There is a person who appreciates spring, and the pink is light and red. Advise jade deeply, and sing golden wisps. Twist the plum blossom always sorrow, wine all people go home.

22. Skillful art in the world takes advantage of the nature, and refining medicine burns the lamp to clear the day. Liu Xufei's floor is white, and peach blossoms are all red. Turn over the flowers and put on brocade the night after, and don't worry about the east wind.

23. When you are old and late, the guests are not empty before the lights. Half a lifetime of hardship, there is no dream. Short sorrow hastens white, while red wine borrows red wine. I sing and dance, but I'm down and out.

24. See the New Year on the river and listen to the spring rain. There is a person who appreciates spring, and pays attention to it lightly. Advise jade deeply, and sing golden wisps. Twist the plum blossom always sorrow, wine all people go home.

25. Do it tonight, and hurry tomorrow next year. Cold goes with the night, and spring comes every five times. Look air change, appearance then just back. Scenery people unconsciously, has entered the backyard plum.

26. At sunset and New Year's Eve, laughter is heard in the countryside. Fireworks shine in the sky and are fried in a delicious kettle. Keep watch for the new year and watch the screen to send the old year. The bell rang at midnight, celebrating the whole family.

27. What's the evening? A foreign country says hometown. Look at people's children as big as their guests. The military has no rest, but the mountain is slim. A glass of cypress leaf wine, lost a thousand lines of tears.

28. Twilight Xiefang Temple, gorgeous Yee Palace. At the end of the year, winter and winter snow melt, the warm palace chambers seems to be blowing in the genial spring breeze. The great red candle was lit, and looked like a cluster of flowers. The prince and his ministers drank and drank, delighted in the evening, the year of the new year, the old year old, and all night singing and dancing.

29. Fire trees and silver flowers are combined, and the Star Bridge is locked with iron. The crowd surged, the dust float in the sky under the hoofs of the horses; Moonlight all over every corner, where people can see the moon overhead. The singers in the moonlight shadow, dressed up and made up, sang " the plum blossom" on one side. The capital has been abolished, and the timing of the jade leakage you do not rush, mo let this year only once the lantern festival night in a hurry.

30. When firecrackers are set off on New Year's Day, the streets and alleys are busy, children jump and jump, happy and laughing, laughing, laughing, and the plum blossoms are pretty.


1. Say goodbye to the old and welcome the new, and enjoy a happy life. Years are rushing like the wind, and wealth is greeted by happiness.

2. Bless the spring to draw pictures, and change the peach symbols year by year. And watch the reunion New Year's Eve, and make a pot of new wine.

3. Forty years of wine, the vast spring water cuts two rivers. Sweep away Hua Xu's dream tonight, and sleep till the window is full next year.

4. My hometown thinks thousands of miles tonight, and the frost burns the Ming Dynasty for another year.

5. String songs, fireworks and fireworks. Picturesque, magnificent and beautiful. Catch up with the old, talk to the younger generation, welcome the new, build dreams and serve the former. Children and grandchildren respect their elders, and parents do everything to benefit the field. The most emotional, planning start and whip.

6. Farewell the old and welcome the new year, and welcome the new year with fragrant tea and wine! Old friends are happy to hand in cups and wish you a new chapter in the Spring Festival!

7. At the beginning of the fourth shift when the north wind blows snow, Jiarui teaches heaven and dies.

8. The incense burner of the golden stove leaks, and the heart in the shadow of the Chinese lantern is mournful. Dreams carry the soul back home, and people celebrate his New Year in other places.

9. The law turns to Hongjun, and the shoulder rubs the hub and strikes with joy. You don't have to face the eastern suburbs. Spring is among thousands of families.

10. Don't let the lights be bright, and ban thousands of firecrackers. A few see the world can change with the calendar, and they are all welcome when they are old. The old hunger drives away the north and south, and lives forever. It's easy to do songs and songs, and know when it will be Shengping.

11. Every year on this evening, Fei Yin groans, and children snicker frequently before the lights. How can your generation know that I regret myself and waste my efforts as a poet?

12. The sound of firecrackers is one year old, and it's like a time of fear. La wine is waiting for the spring breeze, pushing a cup to get slightly drunk. Fight for sleep? Fight for sleep? Think this glory is precious!

13. I have a glass of wine for years, so why should I look back? Fireworks can't be scattered across the bank, and wine is boiled slowly under the shadow of plum blossoms.

14. Fight back to the north last night, and start from the east today.

15. Laughing and singing for the Year of the Ox, drinking tea and cooking wine. Three mountains go to Shuofeng in spring, and five mountains are cold and warm. When the gas comes, the bamboo is clear, and the sun shines on Lameiyan. Add one-year-old farmhouse music, and focus on creating a business.

16. are the high-hall candles we have lighted this cold night, and with every cup of wine goes another round of music.

17. At sunset and New Year's Eve, laughter is heard in the countryside. Fireworks shine in the sky and are fried in a delicious kettle. Keep watch for the new year and watch the screen to send the old year. The bell rang at midnight, celebrating the whole family.

18. There are thousands of cups of jade dishes, and the feet stumble with hazy eyes. It is easy to drink the Yangtze River on Chinese New Year's Eve!

19. The remnants of the mountains are dark and dusty, and they are sent everywhere. Sacrifice the new poems and masturbate, while Huanglong drinks until spring.

20. It's a matter of sorrow and sorrow, and it's a long journey of lovesickness overnight. Worry until the sound of chickens dies, and then you will be haggard and see the spring breeze.

21. The wind and snow are brewing in spring, and a new one is put in the small garden. Thousands of busy places are pulled out, and poems are cut in silence to send people.

22. Hong Zhong sounded old and blessed. Long reunion New Year's Eve, the Spring Festival has come to an end.

23. The busy market is busy with shopping, and the New Year is coming. Family members get together warmly, and it is common to taste delicious food.

24. There is no carving beam, and the materials are not structural materials. But the chitose leaves are always served in the Wannian Cup.

25. On New Year's Eve, people don't sleep, and they are tired of dullness to welcome the New Year; Children call to walk the strip, and people call to buy dementia in clouds. Who has nothing but two things for others? In the middle, Wu Nong still has surplus; Lane south lane north can't be sold, and they laugh at each other. Oak Weng blocks sit under heavy curtains, and buy Tim Ling alone to ask for price. Children don't need money to buy Yun Weng, and they have dementia on credit for thousands of years.

26. Send a message to the end of the world, with sorrow at the end of the cold. Spring breeze is not far away, only in the east of the house.

27. The dream is sent to the bamboo dock in Mei Village, and it's hard to see spring in the guest. Tide gives birth to water, which leads to the south stream, while snow-lost clouds still take the north mountain. Illness should be reduced during the Chinese New Year, and the official body is not fully idle. Change your name to Wu City, and you will laugh at yourself in the end.

28. On New Year's Eve, the world is full of pride and happiness. Raise a glass and drink together to celebrate, and make peace for the nation and the people.

29. The infinite sense of your country, dry Kun this evening heart. Different old and new things, generous short songs. Family banquets celebrate children, and doors read ancient and modern times. Surround the stove and keep the age, don't take the glass deep!

30. On the New Year's Eve last year, the flower market lights like day. Month to willow tip, people about after dusk. The lantern festival on the fifteenth day of the first month of this year, the moonlight and the lights are still the same as last year. No longer saw last year's old friend, tears of tears were wet to the clothes.


1. Every year on this evening, Fei Yin groans, and children snicker frequently in front of the lights. How can your generation know that I regret myself and waste my efforts as a poet?

2. There is always spring in the cold winter, and the snowy mountains are green and the days are long. After the new change, the plum blossom curtain call and the apricot blossom bloom.

3. Laugh and ask questions, praise the room and win a high sleep. The five lakes wave through the front port, so why not ride the wind and put the boat steady?

4. The initial heart gallops ahead, while the dream is bright and the times are new. Poetry, wine, and songs are flourishing, and Xuemei offers congratulations.

5. It's easy to let people feel pity when it's February day. It takes me two years in the middle of the night, two years in the middle of the night.

6. If the moon is constant, if the day rises. Such as the longevity of Nanshan, it will not collapse. If the pine and cypress are flourishing, there is no excuse or inheritance.

7. Ten miles of spring breeze, He Qing's good days, peace and joy, and get what you want!

8. The snow is long in early spring, and the world is new everywhere! Happy Spring Festival and Happy New Year! Say goodbye to the old and welcome the new.

9. Firecrackers and fireworks resounded through the sky, and the family stayed awake. Laughing around the stove, commenting on Spring Festival Evening, young people are happy to hide the lucky money.

10. One year old is new in the sound of firecrackers, and thousands of villages and households accept Changchun. Open the door and watch the downpour. It's gratifying to be cold.

11. A tree with a new plum grows through the ages, and the sails return to the old grass to welcome the spring. Merry Ma Yun knows fast, and the music on both sides of the river rises.

12. Celebrate the reunion in the New Year, and enjoy the wine every year. Welcome the distinguished guests to sit in the hall, and enjoy the Yue Hua Song Banquet in the park.

13. It's only seven days since spring, and it's been two years since I left home. The days of returning home are behind the birds returning to the earth, but the idea of going home is there before the spring flowers are open.

14. At the age of 10, it seems that there is no turbulent action, it is not calm, occasionally troubles, and it is also exhausting, especially unbearable.

15. Thousands of lights shine, and thousands of relatives travel thousands of miles back. Let's get together on New Year's Eve and have a drink together!

16. For 40 years, the vast spring water cuts the Songjiang River. Sweep away Hua Xu's dream tonight, and sleep till the window is full next year.

17. The new sunny warm sun is drunk to dream, and the young are driven by the old years. Pleasure is always like a flash in the pan, and happiness is gradually frozen.

18. The beginning of life cycle, when cherish the first day of the year. If snow mud wants to keep its claws, a new chapter will be written in the diary every year!

19. The new sun shines brightly in China, and it is near Pepsi at the beginning of the year. Give up the water that worries and dies quickly, and enjoy the elegant fishing platform.

20. Children compete for fireworks, while elders are busy making dumplings. Salute to contend for the dawn of the chicken, and keep the family happy all night.


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